Trying to decide if you should Buy or Build?

Answer the 10 questions below and we can help you decide if you are better off buying a house or building a house.


1. How many homes have you looked at in the process of trying to buy?

A) 0

B) 1-10

C) 11-20

D) 20+


2. How stressed do you get when making big decisions?

A) Very stressed

B) Mildly stressed

C) Not very stressed

D) What is stress?


3. How often do you dream about your dream house?

A) Rarely

B) Once in a while

C) Most of the time

D) Constantly


4. Do you like to shop at thrift stores or second hand stores?

A) All of the time

B) Once in a while

C) Not really

D) Never


5. Do you like to host or entertain people in your house?

A) My house is just for me

B) Rarely people come over

C) Yes, I enjoy hosting

D) They seem to be over all of the time!


6. When do you want to move into your new home?

A) Yesterday

B) As soon as we can

C) 3-6 months

D) Within the next year or 2


7. Do you like to design the look and feel of your home?

A) It’s just where I sleep, who cares what it looks like?

B) I don’t really care

C) I enjoy making it a certain way

D) It is all I think about!


8. Would you consider yourself a green consumer?

A) I’ve heard of that green movement stuff

B) I recycle because it’s against the law not to

C) I try to be as green as I can

D) You could consider me a tree!


9. Do you enjoy taking something old and ugly and making it into something new and beautiful?

A) I love transforming old things into new

B) With limited work, restoring old things can be fun

C) I do not like to restore old things

D) I would rather just buy a new item


10. Does the idea of building a home scare you?

A) Building terrifies me completely

B) I’m a little scared

C) What is there to be scared of?

D) I’m actually excited about the idea of building!




Tally up your Score

For each answer A, give yourself 1 point

For each answer B, give yourself 2 points

For each answer C, give yourself 3 points

For each answer D, give yourself 4 points



Between 10-19 points, The Savvy Home Buyer

While some adventure in the home owning process is for you the crazy endeavor of building a custom home may not be the best fit.  While the test is not guarantee you seem to gravitate towards the security that comes from buying a home already built, and the idea of turning the imperfections into beauty is right up your ally.  It is also clear that your home may just be the place for yourself and the style and type is a minor factor leading us to believe that you should keep searching for your perfect buy.


Between 20-29 points, Walking the 2x4

It seems to us that you are walking the line between buying and building.  Looked to be swayed in a particular direction … here are some tips.

1. Look at 20 houses if you still haven’t found something that you like it may be time to start laying out what you like on your own.

2. Evaluate your stress level.  If you see fun in the idea of building it may be the best fit for you, if making all of those choices overwhelms you, then maybe you were meant to buy.

3. Figure out your budget and meet with a builder.  If you can have your own customized home within your budget, there should be no question about whether you should build or buy.


Between 30-40 points, Bob the Builder

There is fear to come in buying or building, but your results make it clear that you were destined to build a home of your own.  Your desire for new customized things makes you a perfect fit for a custom home.  Your desire to own an eco friendly and hosting friendly home could be fulfilled by building a home that fits all your needs.  Don’t get us wrong, choosing all of the details can be overwhelming, however here at Royalty Custom Homes, we can assure you that the process is fun and the product is well worth the wait.  Let’s throw on our yellow construction hats and get together!

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